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Premium Curtains, Blinds & Awnings in Guadalajara

VIP Service in Guadalajara and Metropolitan Area

Curtains, Blinds & Awnings in Guadalajara

Enhance your home with Guadalajara's finest window treatments, ideal for shielding every room from the sun. Explore our exclusive range of luxury blinds, curtains, and awnings – each crafted to your exact specifications.

Our experts are ready to visit you in your home in Guadalajara, providing a personalized service that includes taking precise measurements and presenting our exquisite fabric selections.

For a personalized consultation right at your doorstep, just click the button and chat with our friendly team.

Curtains and Blinds in Guadalajara – Your Benefits with Meya Design

Light Control and Privacy

Our products enhance your privacy and light management. Select from blackout, translucent, or transparent fabrics. Consult with us for the optimal choice for your blinds or shades project in Guadalajara.

Smart Home and Automated Curtains

Automate your blinds, shades, and awnings for control via your mobile device or anywhere in your home. They're also compatible with smart home systems for seamless integration.

High Quality Luxury Fabrics

Our products feature fabrics unique in design, color, and quality, offering over 200 choices in textures and hues to perfectly complement your home.

Our Blinds, Curtains and Awnings

Discover our models of awnings, blinds and shades that we offer in Guadalajara


Persianas a la medida con tejidos prémium europeos. Crea un ambiente privado y controla la luz solar con nuestras persianas.
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En Meya Design puedes encontrar una gran variedad de confecciones de cortinas modernas a la medida para cada estilo.
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En Meya Design encuentras toldos retráctiles, toldos de 90 grados y toldos verticales – Todos fabricados personalizados a la medida en México.
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The Meya Design VIP Experience

Up to 10 years of Warranty

We assure quality and longevity in our blinds, curtains, and awnings, providing up to 10 years warranty on awnings, 5 years on blinds, and 3 years on curtains.

VIP Service

Schedule your custom appointment, and we'll visit your home for measurements. The Meya Design team is ready to address any questions regarding quotes, orders, delivery times, and product warranties.

Express Fabrication and Installation

All our products are crafted at the official Farz facility, located near Guadalajara. We offer delivery and installation services across the ZMG and throughout Mexico.

Muestrario de Telas

Conoce nuestros tejidos premium para la persiana, cortina o el toldo de tus sueños.
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Our Awnings, Blinds and Curtain Projects in Jalisco

Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Sonia and Jorge decorated their new home in Ajijic with modern Sheer Elegance blinds and roller blinds. In this video they tell you about their experience shopping at Meya Design. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Nuestros Expertos en Persianas, Cortinas y Toldos

Estamos a tu disposición para resolver todas tus dudas sobre nuestros productos. Te invitamos a agendar una cita a domicilio o a visitarnos en nuestras sucursales ubicadas en Guadalajara, Zapopan y Ciudad de México.

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Personalized Service for our Customers in Guadalajara

If you're in the market for curtains or blinds in Guadalajara, Meya Design is your go-to destination. We pride ourselves on a clientele well-pleased with our services, extending from Guadalajara to its neighboring regions. You'll find our showrooms in Plaza Punto Country, located in Chapultepec Country and in Plaza Navona, Jardín Real. It's the perfect place to explore our full range and consult directly with our expert team. No matter the scale of your endeavor, we're prepared to visit your home, assess your windows, and tailor-make your blinds or curtains to fit perfectly. And, to ensure a seamless experience, we also provide professional installation of your blinds, curtains, or shades, leaving you with no concerns.

Our Curtains, Shades and Blinds

Our selection encompasses roller blinds, Sheer Elegance, blackout, vertical blinds, Japanese panels, and much more. Additionally, we present an extensive collection of stylish curtains and awnings perfect for gardens, patios, and terraces. Secure your new curtains and blinds in Guadalajara or anywhere near. Reach out to us to arrange a home visit. To converse with one of our consultants, simply click on the chat button. You can also get in touch with us directly via WhatsApp.

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When reaching out, please initiate contact through WhatsApp or our website chat. This ensures we connect you with an English-speaking team member